Hi! Welcome to my (forest) site where you can find updated information on my activity.

I am Researcher (Científico Titular) at the National Museum of Natural Sciences of the Spanish National Research Council. I am  enrolled in the Department of Biogeography and Global Change based in Madrid, Spain. I also served as Coordinator of IUFRO RG 1.09.00 Ecology and Silviculture of Mixed Forests.

My research interests are in the domain of Silviculture & Applied Forest Ecology with emphasis on the following themes:

  • Forest management in the context of Social-Ecological Systems
  • Understanding resilience and complexity in forest ecosystems
  • Forest ecosystem services trade-offs

I was honored to coordinate the COST Action FP1206 “European mixed forests. Integrating Scientific Knowledge in Sustainable Forest Management” EuMIXFOR (2013-2017)

This site is a showcase for my R&D activity and I built it because I think you can find here something interesting if you love forests and the sustainable management of ecosystem services.



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